Deer Crossing

Adam shows a video of a caller who misunderstand the purpose of the deer crossing signs. We need to be people who invite God to examine us. People who dare to look in to the mirror of the law to see where we need to allow God greater reign in our lives. Lets repent for wherever we have allowed the law to perpetuate our disconnection and instead allow God to illuminate our lives.

Check out Adam’s blog on the subject here.

Sunday morning changes for YCC

After listening to feedback and having conversations with the children’s ministry team and youth team, we have come to the conclusion that there is an opportunity for us to change a couple of things. In February, we will be starting a new series called 3 Dimensional. This will take the form of a series of 3 sermon blocks looking at a range of subjects such as God, church, love, evangelism and much more.

To coincide with the beginning of this series, we will be changing our format of morning gatherings. Instead of the children being out from the beginning and re-joining us during the gathering, we will be all meeting together for the first 20 minutes to praise and celebrate and introduce the theme of the morning. The children will then leave us to go to their groups and look at the same subject as the adults. This will then run through to 11:30 when we will all finish and parents will be able to collect their children.

We are making these changes to enable us to explore different ways of worshipping and celebrating as a whole church family whilst also making time for all of us to explore and learn together and then respond together in our different groups.

We will also be changing the seating arrangement at the same time, as there is less need for the space in the middle. We are hoping that families will stay together to celebrate at the beginning before taking their children to their groups and so the need for a space for children to be together and have freedom to roam is less of a requirement. Therefore we will be going to a more conventional seating plan for this period. I would also mention at this point, that we have done some studies and tests of the sound in the auditorium which is a difficult space to fill with sound. Our conclusions are that if you struggle sometimes with the sound levels, the best area to sit is in the two rear outer blocks of the new seating plan.

We look forward to celebrating together and encountering God together as we continue on our journey. Please do feel free to talk to us about any of these changes so we can understand how they are helping us to be more of a community and reflect Jesus more clearly.

Youth work professional development day

We are running a networking event for youth workers involved in the local church. Featuring teaching from Ali Etheridge – Leader of SoulNet, youth workers support from Soul Survivor.

The event is on Monday 27th January from 10am – 1pm.
This will be an opportunity to get to know other youth workers from around, connect, share ideas, thoughts and get input.

Run in partnership with SWYM (south west youth ministries) and Urban Warriors

This free event is open to all.

The Gateway
Addlewell lane
BA20 1QN

For more information comment below or email or call 01935 433146.

Join the event on Facebook here: