The United Colours of Britain

I’ve been following the Scottish ballot as most of Britain has for the last few weeks. Most people have been!

That the battle on both sides of this debate has been going on for 2 years passed me by.  Not being very politically aware & having two young children keeping me up at night.  Also, Scotland isn’t my home country, I didn’t think I really had a lot to say about it.  I also avoid conflict & this is a debate where both sides are equally as passionate.

However, here is what I think.  Having Scottish friends & visited many times, I couldn’t imagine a United Kingdom without Scotland in it.  It’s an amazing country, one full of pride & passion.  One of my friends on Facebook said about the ballot;  it’s about hopes & dreams & fears too.

I think personally it’s really important to see ALL of the countries in the UK as vital.  We nearly lost Scotland, if you think about the UK like a body (like the bible describes the Church in Corinth) 1 Cor 12:21 “the eye cannot say to the the hand, “I don’t need you”! & the head cannot say to the feet ‘I don’t need you'”.  How would be cope with losing part of our body?!  I know we didn’t have to, but it was really close & we have to realise that it could so easily have been a very different UK we woke up to this morning.

All of the countries in the UK are equal; Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland & England are stronger together. It’s our inherent differences that make us a unique & United Kingdom & one to be celebrated.  See Adam’s take on the decision in his blog post ‘Diversity in Unity’.  HERE

Let’s draw a line in the sand & move forwards with our colours united, a truly United Kingdom.