Ministry Update – Yeovil4Family

At Yeovil4Family we are looking back on 2015 with thankful hearts as we remind ourselves of all that God has done.  His very nature is faithfulness. Choosing thanksgiving reminds us of what God has done in the past and gives us confidence and hope as we face new situations that are unresolved.

So; we say thank you for…

  • A SMOOTH TRANSITION as we ended our contract with South Somerset District Council and began working on our own again.  We are continuing to receive referrals from all over South Somerset as organisations and agencies, that have seen the value and impact of our work, seek our input.
  • TRANSFORMATION IN MANY FAMILIES LIVES.  We continue to see families making positive steps forwards.

One of our Mentors recently spoke about having visited an old family they used to work with just before Christmas.  They were so encouraged by the family’s joyful response to their turning up on the doorstep; the husband called his wife who was out and about, to come back home and see who had come to visit.  This family had had various difficulties when Y4F began working with them and the Mentor had walked alongside them through various difficulties.  Things, as with all of us, were not perfect now, but they were doing well and spoke about how much of a difference the support they had received had made to their lives.

One of our Link Workers reported having recently bumped into a lady from a family she had historically worked with.  The Lady greeted the Link worker from the reception of the restaurant she was having dinner at.  The fact that this person had taken on employment and was obviously taking pride in her appearance again was a huge encouragement to the Link worker as life was very complicated and troubled when Y4F became involved with this family. Five children, one son with   major anger issues, bad health, housing issues and Debts. Employment had seemed a million miles away.  

During this brief, unexpected encounter, there was a glimpse that hope and transformation were at work.

For all this, we say thank you.


We were delighted to be nominated and then win one of 2015’s 8 Centre for Social Justice Awards.

The Centre for Social Justice is an independent think-tank, established to put social Justice at the heart of British politics.  They believe that the surest way to reverse social breakdown—and the poverty it creates -is to build resilience within individuals, families and the organisations that work with them.  The CSJ awards are to celebrate some of these innovative organisations.

Liz Earle from the charity ‘Live Twice’, our sponsoring organisation, presented the award.  It was such a fantastic experience for us to go to London as a team and celebrate together.

We were also really pleased to be awarded Runner-up in the Inspiring Project category from Evangelical Alliances ‘Inspire Awards 2015’.  Rachel and Adam Dyer travelled to London to accept the award.

All these things are a testimony to God’s unending goodness and faithfulness and so we look forward to 2016 with expectancy and with faith that we will see Him do great things amongst us!