Ministry Update – Yeovil 4 Family


In June 2016 Yeovil4Family, with the support of South Somerset District Council (SSDC) expanded their work to also include supporting vulnerable individuals in South Somerset.

Yeovil4Family are now able to consider referrals from across the South Somerset district where an agency or professional feel that our support may benefit an individual who has an expressed need for housing related support. Referred clients may have needs including sofa surfing, self-neglect, mental health, drug and alcohol issues.

Individuals are able to receive support and guidance from a trained Link Worker to help them address their needs, whatever they may be. The support is solution focused and relationship driven. The Link Worker will help the individual access services and provide them with a Volunteer Mentor if appropriate. Yeovil4Family can support individuals for 9-12 months, but it is agreed on an individual basis.

We are having increasing numbers of individuals and families being referred to us and therefore really need to widen our pool of Mentors to help support them.

As our Family Mentors & Link Workers walk the journey with various families they are finding that they have a key role in helping to show families there is a chance that things can be different, not just for now but also for generations to come. One Mentor recently said that “To be able to support a family that was very fragmented but who now see themselves as a ‘family’ has been an amazing privilege.”

Our next Volunteer Mentor training course is coming up in November and so if you have a heart to help others in need of support and could spare a couple of hours a week then Yeovil4Family needs you!

What does a volunteer Mentor do?

They offer one-to-one support for a family or individual either in the home or at an agreed meeting place.  They are a positive role model and help the family or individual to help themselves by supporting them to achieve small steps that help them lead to long term change.

How much time does volunteering take each week?

Being a volunteer Mentor takes approximately 2 hours each week; 1 hour with the family or individual you have been matched with and an hour with your Link Worker. You must be able to commit to being part of the programme for a minimum of 6 months.

What sort of person do I need to be a volunteer?

Mentors need to be good listeners, who can encourage and be non-judgmental.
They can come from any walk of life and be any age or gender. Mentors need to be able to have an understanding and empathy towards the different stresses and issues that can affect the people that we work with.

What sort of training do I have to do?

All our Mentors complete a 12 hour training course. These can be daytime or evening and are group based, interactive sessions.  There will be a streamed session as part of the 12 hours specifically related to the type of mentoring that you may wish to be involved in, either Family, Single Person or Young Person.

How will I be supported?

You will be supported and supervised by a Link Worker who is a member of our team responsible for the family or individual you have been matched with. They are there to assist and safeguard you and to ensure you have all you need to fulfil your role.

Upcoming Training Course
10, 17th and 24th November 9.30am – 2.30pm at the Gateway, Addlewell Lane.  Please get in touch and we will send you an application pack with further details.
Email or call 01935 530050

Ministry Update – Prayer for Growth Nigel Rees

18632So when someone says to you “Prayer for Growth”, what might it mean?   Well, I suppose the clue is in the title, and you don’t need to add very much.   It is aimed at growth in our daily lives.

Often we work through our days, whether it at school, work, home or a mixture, often not giving much thought to anything else.  For many, time for prayer comes along at a Bible Study, Cell Group and at Church.  In your church you might pray altogether, or individually, but the topics can often be general.

A Prayer for Growth approach is focused on improving your daily walk with God.  It might be simply a re-focus, or there might be something in the past that is being used to prevent you having a fuller relationship with God.

Often a relationship or circumstance which simply diverts your attention and does not leave your mind free to focus on God’s Plan for you.  Sometimes we don’t realize that there may be some sort of obstacle.  This was certainly the scene for me.

By meeting on a regular basis and exploring issues through a prayer based approach I feel I have opened a new chapter. It feels as if I am I’m seeing each day through a new pair of eyes.  This is providing a fresh outlook on God’s world and God’s plan for me.

I find conversations are prayer led and inspired.  Conversations and opportunities are occurring that others are then independently referring to and supporting, that are confirming to me a God Driven and God Created plan for my life that is continually unfolding.

Exciting and scary (in a good way) all at once.  I can’t wait to see what is around the next corner.

Far beyond anything you could imagine… A ministry update from Hope for Kids International


Both Hope for Kids International and our US partner, Kids Alive International, have, as a core value, being “Christ-centred”.

That’s easy to state as a value, but making Jesus truly the centre of an organisation, or ‘just’ my own life, is somewhat harder in reality. 

There might be the pressure to show a worthwhile ‘return on investment’ if we spend money undertaking a particular activity; or the pressure to reach ‘performance’ objectives set at the start of the year; or the demand to ‘make some noise’ and get noticed by more potential supporters. All of these apparently laudable aims can be set with little assent given to the lordship of Christ over the organisation and the individuals within it.

Yes, it’s good to be intentional, but we have to be wary of the temptation to assume the world’s ‘best practice’ is God’s way and get sucked in to being highly efficient, results-driven, growth-focused machines in our quest to go ‘from good to great’…

In the last couple of years I have been starting to learn that God’s ways are, indeed, different.

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.” (Isaiah 55:8).

Here are some of the ways in which the first part of that lesson is being learned:

1. For possibly good historical and logistical reasons, we earlier assumed that Hope for Kids’ main focus would be meeting the needs of vulnerable children in Africa and the Middle East. God soon brought along an additional significant focus on the wonderful Kids Alive ministry in Guatemala, Central America – including the work with pregnant, abused, teenage (and younger..) girls.

2. Since Hope for Kids was formed in 2011, we have operated on the ‘solid ground’ of partnering exclusively with Kids Alive, a 100 year old charity based in the USA, now led by the very British Matt Parker, formerly of this parish. Only last year, at one of the meetings of the board of trustees, we ratified our conviction that we were committed to be the UK partner of Kids Alive; and yet, in addition to that key relationship, there are signs that God may be calling us to take some bold steps to work beyond that ‘safe’ place. We would love your prayers for staff and trustees of Hope for Kids to be wise and to have Christ firmly centre-stage in the conversations we are having; one is with a small charity that would love to merge with us, and another concerns a potential new work in a totally new-to-us country that even Kids Alive is not working in yet.

In all the above situations, God brought individuals and organisations to us, with no seeking on our part.  How true, how faithful the God who says “my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine”.

I am thankful for praying colleagues and supporters. I thank God for this year bringing Becky to join the office team alongside Carole and me. I thank God for volunteers like Janet, Miles, Jarrett, Alex and others who have given freely of their time to help us in the office.

And after frequently praying that God will “open the floodgates of resource”, why is it that I am so surprised when it appears to be happening in monetary terms as well?! 2015 saw a 28% growth in Hope for Kids’ income over 2014. 2016 is on course to exceed the 20% income growth target set ‘in faith’ at the start of the year.

I do rejoice over God’s provision through his people here in the UK, but more than income, I want to see a doubling, a quadrupling, a ten or hundred-fold increase in IMPACT in the lives of children and communities around the world where the needs are so extreme. To see lives transformed. To see lasting faith grow, children becoming strong Christians in their communities and then adults who challenge corruption and bless their nations – being part of God’s Kingdom come.

We have started facilitating a number of God’s children here (and in Germany!) to serve overseas in Kenya, Lebanon, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic – and that is so exciting, because it’s THEIR lives which will be a real multiplier as they serve the children and carers and teachers who live in those countries, serving through lives that have Jesus at the centre.

Pray for them. Pray for more income to enable more impact. Pray for more impact whatever the income!  Pray the right people would engage with short-term team trips in 2017. Pray for us, that we continue to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God. That we would truly be Christ-centred.

Thank you.

Roger Allen

Director, Hope for Kids International 


Ministry Update – CAP’s 20th Anniversary


This year is Christians Against Poverty’s 20th Anniversary and what God has done through CAP in 20 years is a great deal more than anyone would have imagined when it started back in 1996 by its founder John Kirkby.  Just over a couple of weeks ago, David Upton, Mary Irwin and myself had the privilege of joining 100s of frontline workers and head office staff at 2 days of celebrations in Harrogate where amongst other things John encouraged us to believe that with Jesus you can change stories and with Jesus your story can change!

As an award winning charity, CAP is celebrating 20 years of saving lives, restoring marriages, feeding families and bringing hope back to thousands of broken people.  Internationally, its work now reaches as far as Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and its vision has expanded to so much more than just debt counselling.

Whilst there are 300 Debt Centres in the UK, with numbers growing all the time, God has inspired CAP with new services to tackle the causes of debt and poverty, such as unemployment and addiction.  It currently has 145 job clubs offering people a place of community and coaching to help them take the next steps towards employment.  There are also 58 release groups that are seeing people break free from life controlling habits, and in 2015 CAP launched ‘Life Skills’ to teach practical ways to budget and live well on a low income; so far there are 25 Life Skill groups.  In addition to these 4 services is the CAP Money Course, where 850 courses throughout the UK help people put value back into cash and provides them with a practical system to help them manage their money.

The journey hasn’t been easy, and those who have read ‘Nevertheless’ will vouch for this, but with every setback CAP has faced, God has driven the ministry further forward into something greater.  CAP is His idea and He’s always true, always good and always faithful to His promises.

His heart for the poor and lost is relentless.  He won’t stop pursuing His people and nor will CAP.  To see the passion that has already risen up from an army of Christians and churches who have partnered with CAP, determined to serve the poor and save the lost, is just breath-taking.  Through CAP UK, over 800 people come to faith every year; in the past year CAP saw 1009 come to faith!  Nothing very ordinary but something short of miraculous!  And just maybe greater things are yet to come.

Lives have been changed time and time again with people helped by CAP.  When a family is back on their feet, not only is their future changed, but the hope is that the future of their children, and their children’s children is also changed.  That’s the incredible legacy of CAP – what it does now will echo throughout generations to come.  Plus the eternal impact for thousands who’ve also stepped into a relationship with Christ!  Looking back on all the miracles God has done through CAP, it must fill us with amazing faith for the future.

CAP has a huge vision, to see 1000 church-based life transforming services by 2021, which is double the size CAP is today.  God is able!

We are all encouraged to preach the good news to the poor, and with all our strength to bind up the broken hearted and set the captives free.  If you are a follower of Christ in Yeovil and the surrounding area, this same spirit is on you too.  Together we are His people, His Church, designed to display His splendour in our communities.  So let’s rise up like the Church Jesus always wanted us to be, let’s live out what He’s always called us to do, and let’s see even more lives transformed both now and for eternity.

It’s an honour to be serving the poor and needy in our community and if you know of anyone needing help because they are struggling with unmanageable debt, please encourage them to ring CAP on 0800 328 0006.  As you read this why don’t you stop for a moment and store this number in your mobile phone so you are equipped to signpost people to get help.  If you would like to know more and support the work CAP does in the Yeovil area, please contact Steve Hart on either or 07972 057373.  Thank you.

‘Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever!  Amen.’  Ephesians 3:20-21

Steve Hart

Yeovil Centre Manager

Ministry Update – Prayer for Growth

Going through Samaria? by Judy Arscott

Are you on a journey? Are you tired of being told? “We’re on a journey!” Strange isn’t it how some journeys are great and others are really not! The fact is that we are all on the great journey of life. Sometimes we are willing participants and sometimes life seems to drag us along. During Jesus ministry he spent a great deal of his time journeying from one place to another. Recently I came across this verse.

“When the Lord learned of this, he left Judea and went back to Galilee. Now he had to go through Samaria.” 

John 4 v 3 & 4

Jesus wanted to get to Galilee but Samaria was in the way. Samaria was a disgrace to the Jewish nation representing all that had gone wrong in the past, the laws that had been broken, intermarriage with Gentiles, consequently they were looked down upon by the Jews and considered their enemies.

In order for us to move on to the next phase in our life there are often problems in our way. We would rather bypass those problems to get quickly to the next place but Jesus went through Samaria and met with the Samaritan woman and challenged her thinking.

Sometimes we have things in the past that we would prefer to bypass but if they are still festering there comes a time when we need to face up to them and journey through our “Samaria”. It may be difficult at times but it will ultimately be for our good and for our cleansing. During difficult times there is a tendency to put our head down, grit our teeth and push through as quickly as possible. But what did Jesus do? He recognised he was tired and looked for a place to rest. He rested by the well although he had no means of drawing water. During difficult times we will get tired, more so than usual and it is necessary to rest. We may not be able to find exactly what we are looking for but we need to make the choice to stop a while and wait. Do you know when you need to stop? Do you have places where you can go and rest? There are times when we need someone to talk and pray with and it is good to be part of God’s family being supported and supporting one another.

However there are also times when we need a little bit extra support and this is where “Prayer for Growth” comes in. It offers up to 6 sessions with a couple of people who will listen to you and listen to God for you. They will walk this journey through Samaria with you. If this is something you think might be helpful for you please talk to your small group leader or email.

God is for us and not against us. He wants you to be the best you can be and he wants you to enjoy the abundant life he died to give you.

Ministry Update – Yeovil4Family

I recently visited a family that we have been supporting at Yeovil4Family. We have only been supporting them a short while but in that time I and some of our staff and volunteers have seen them on numerous occasions.

I went to visit yesterday, having not seen them for a few days. A visit where I needed to check some practical things, ask them how they had got on with this appointment and had they resolved that issue, and so on. A quite ordinary, run of the mill meeting. The sort of meetings our staff and volunteers have on a daily basis. But what the family said took my breath away.

Having clarified the outcome of a particular appointment the family had had with another agency, the dad said suddenly piped up, “We’ve missed you. Not simply because you work with us, but because you are our friend.” The mum then said “I love you. I loved you from the first moment you came to our house, because I know that you care.”

I know that these words were genuine, I also know that they would have expressed the same sentiment to our other staff and volunteers that have spent time with them. I know that in the short time we’ve been working with them, we have lived and worked out our values of Community, Equality, Inclusivity, Hope and Transformation. I know that the family have experienced these values first hand too.

We don’t do this work to gain friends or have people tell us that they love us. We do this because we are called to love and serve and expect nothing in return. However this day reminded me why we do what we do and why I love what God has called us to!


Rachel Dyer

Y4F Programme Coordinator

Ministry Update – Street Pastors

We had an amazing night a few weeks ago with a team of 6 Street Pastors on the town centre streets and 3 Prayer Pastors back at the base praying for the street team.

At 10pm we left the base with Marcus Fysh joining us as an observer.  When we arrived outside the Beach Café bar, the owner came out to chat with us and also with Marcus.  The owner couldn’t say enough about how StreetPastors are such a welcome sight in Yeovil.

On our way down to Wetherspoons, we came across a homeless couple sleeping in a doorway.  Along with a Street Pastor, Marcus chatted to the couple (we took them a hot drink and a little food in the 2nd shift).

A short while later, we were informed by a taxi driver that there was a man who may need our help at a roundabout near the Labour Club.  Along with Marcus, the team walked up past the Labour Club and bumped into a few revellers who said the man had moved on.  Walking back past the Labour Club, we stopped and chatted with the partygoers, where both Marcus and the Street Pastors got into conversation with the many young people who wanted to chat, along with giving out our famous lollipops.  One girl was heard to say, “They are such lovely people.”

Once we managed to get Marcus out of a long ‘political’ conversation we walked back into town past the hostel ‘Pathways’ in Newton Road.  After explaining to Marcus about how Pathways operates, I took a photo of him and the team.  At that point, a couple behind us on the opposite side of the road, asked if they could be included in the photo as Pathways was their ‘home.’  They were a lovely couple and excited that we would be willing to talk to them and include them in our photo, which appeared in the Western Gazette the following Thursday.

Street Pastors outside Pathways

It was now approx. 11.40pm so we made our way back to the base, which saw the end of Marcus’ observation time with Yeovil Street Pastors.  He stayed with us by way of a debrief, we prayed and prayed for him and then he left for the comfort of his bed at 12.30am.

Street pastors team at the base

It was wonderful to see Marcus so willing to engage with everyone we came into contact with and people did recognise him, especially as he was wearing a Street Pastor Observer tabard.  After what would have been a VERY busy week for him, we very much appreciated his willingness to give up his time, away from his young family, and spend it waking the town centre streets and find out how the night time economy operates.  We enjoyed his company and getting to know our local MP.

As we were about to leave the base for our 2nd shift at 12.45am, Bridgwater cameras, on the radio, asked us if we could attend a situation at the bottom end of town where a young girl needed assistance.  We hot footed it across the road from Wetherspoons and came across a young girl who was worse for wear!  After a period of trying to encourage her friends to call a family member to come and collect her, we comforted and wrapped the girl with an emergency foil blanket with the hope of keeping her warm.  Finally her sister arrived and she was safely taken home in her car.  This is typical of what we do and this morning I received the email below and will leave the last word with a member of the public:

“I would like to say a massive thank you to you for tonight, I’ve seen you out patrolling Yeovil before, which I have to give you credit for in general. But the assistance you offered to my sister and her friends last night was beyond incredible, it was very impressive and you were all such wonderful people. What you are doing is truly amazing and makes a big difference. Thanks to you I was able to get the girls home safely.  Thank you very much.”   

Steve Hart – Street Pastors Co-ordinator

Ministry Update – Poppins

My favourite moment of any group session with pre-schoolers is always in the first week back after a break. It happened when I was doing the singing at our Wednesday group and was standing addressing the families who had come. I asked “is it nice to be back?” and was met by a unanimous sigh of relief and agreement from the adults in the room as well as a chorus of “yes!” from the children. It’s a delight to know that they are thrilled to be out of the house, back into routine and really enjoying being at Poppins.

I’m so excited when families say “this is the least cliquey toddler group I’ve ever been to!” and it’s said pretty regularly which is a beautiful thing.

Christmas has a way of absorbing a lot of preparation time and then, it’s suddenly all over and by the time you’ve noticed, it’s nearly February. I guess, with all the organisation it’s easy to lose the heart of who we are as a ministry and get involved in a lot of “doing”: of making sure that after the Table Top Sale, all donations get to the Women’s refuge and don’t sit at the GateWay in between donation and collection; of ensuring each Christmas party on each day has the correct number of tickets, the right information and that Father Christmas definitely has exactly the right number of gifts for over 200 children and grownups in a week (don’t even mention peeling 50 satsumas), of ensuring that each team member gets a Christmas card doubling up as a sincere thank you for all their hard work because I didn’t get thank you cards out at half term! But actually what makes me really happy is that we don’t seem to have lost that heart at all and that is down to an awesome team!!

So far this week, I have welcomed a new baby, given support to a mum who’s health is unstable, explained the process to a family who were planning to donate food to the Lord’s Larder, encouraged a mum who is low to get herself out to more groups and linked her up with another church and a children’s centre, met with a potential new volunteer, welcomed three new families with babies and cracked open some left over biscuits from the Christmas party for a treat for Mini Poppins families!! And I’m only one of the 9 team members who’ve been in this week, aaaaaaand it’s only Tuesday

We have a Table Top Sale coming up on 25th June which is always popular. Our team is starting to look more full which is a major stress reliever for me! It is now mainly Fridays that need some extra willing hands.

It’s an amazing joy to see all the different lives that we see, to be able to pray into difficulties and support people at one of the most demanding times of their lives. The Poppins team are a beautiful and wonderful group and I’m am exceedingly grateful for them!


Ministry Update – The King’s Place

During the year we have agencies bring their clients up to the King’s Place to use the voucher scheme, giving those moving into accommodation, kitchen packs, linen and clothing if needed.

We had one story where a man put his clothes and possessions into storage, and when he came to move into a flat, found that everything in storage had been sold, we were able to provide clothing for him as part of the voucher scheme. During last year we had 86 people use the King’s Place Voucher Scheme through 2015.

Broken down, into items given out last year at the King’s Place,

873 bedroom items, approx value £2602.96

1235 kitchen items, approx value £1440.95

347 items of clothing, approx value £860.47



Ministry Update – Hope for Kids


Happy New Year? Thousands of Syrian refugees in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon are yet again having to endure freezing conditions in ‘homes’ made of tattered plastic sheeting damaged by the heavy falls of snow, while electrical  power cuts and low supplies of food add to the misery. Let us pray that relief and help comes soon to those most vulnerable, the elderly and the children.

A religious expert asked Jesus which the most important commandment in the law of Moses was. Jesus told him, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ The entire law and all the demands of the prophets are based on these two commandments.” Matthew 22:36-40, New Living Translation.

Loving God AND loving our neighbour. Jesus was harsh on the religious leaders of his day for being super-religious and missing out on the ‘loving your neighbour’ bit. They’re equally important, says our King. Inseparable.   

Permit me to define loving God as ‘worship’.

And loving my neighbour – really loving and wanting the best for them despite all barriers and objections – let me call that ‘mission’. Mission is caring enough to help a struggling family in Yeovil. Mission is loving enough to feed, clothe, care for, educate and share eternal hope with a Syrian refugee or a Zambian orphan. Mission is taking in an abused twelve year old girl in Guatemala and assuring her that her baby won’t be taken away when she gives birth.

In one of Bishop Tom Wright’s books, he likens worship and mission to ‘conjoined twins’, both sharing one heart – a heart of love. With that imagery, I understand why Jesus made the two commandments equally important. Stopping the flow of lifeblood/love to one ‘child’ impacts the other; ultimately, both twins will die.

I find it a challenge, however, to always get the twins balanced. I usually find myself focusing on one at the expense of the other. Lopsided faith.

James 1 v27: “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”  

It sounds a bit similar: Caring for the vulnerable – and single heartedness before God; Mission and Worship.

2015 was an encouraging year for Hope for Kids International, with various indicators making it apparent that God is not only with us but leading us on. So, in 2016, we are being intentional in seeking God for growth and investing in the future.

Our heart is to see: a big increase in the impact that our global partners have in the lives of the poorest; God releasing the floodgates of material blessing from supporters in the UK – and a deepening relationship between God’s people here and our brothers and sisters in the developing world, so that we can learn from each other as we walk together. ‘Go and learn’ teams are a great way to start that journey! Get in touch if you want to know more.

God calls us to responsibly seek a growth in the capability of the charity – the right additional staff, wise engagement with volunteers, careful planning and stewarding of our resources – but being open to the surprises that God loves to bring our way.

We are intentional at seeking God’s will for the organisation. Together with the charity’s board of trustees, we take pains to refuse to let the world corrupt us as an organisation, and as individuals we seek the same standpoint. It can be hard.

So please pray for us. Pray that, as we grow, God leads us – to the right staff, the right office space to accommodate us, the right people, churches and other organisations to share our work with.

We are so thankful to those who responded to the appeal to help out with provision of food for children in the Kids Alive Zambia projects. Zambia’s economy has deteriorated further – the government there desperately needs our prayers for wisdom to move them away from even further danger.

We’re also really grateful for volunteers that have shared some of the load. There are still things we need some help on: adding data to a database; someone to create informative communication pieces for facebook, twitter and our website. Get in touch if you would like to help! Thank you.

Roger Allen

Director, Hope for Kids International

Ministry Update – Yeovil4Family

At Yeovil4Family we are looking back on 2015 with thankful hearts as we remind ourselves of all that God has done.  His very nature is faithfulness. Choosing thanksgiving reminds us of what God has done in the past and gives us confidence and hope as we face new situations that are unresolved.

So; we say thank you for…

  • A SMOOTH TRANSITION as we ended our contract with South Somerset District Council and began working on our own again.  We are continuing to receive referrals from all over South Somerset as organisations and agencies, that have seen the value and impact of our work, seek our input.
  • TRANSFORMATION IN MANY FAMILIES LIVES.  We continue to see families making positive steps forwards.

One of our Mentors recently spoke about having visited an old family they used to work with just before Christmas.  They were so encouraged by the family’s joyful response to their turning up on the doorstep; the husband called his wife who was out and about, to come back home and see who had come to visit.  This family had had various difficulties when Y4F began working with them and the Mentor had walked alongside them through various difficulties.  Things, as with all of us, were not perfect now, but they were doing well and spoke about how much of a difference the support they had received had made to their lives.

One of our Link Workers reported having recently bumped into a lady from a family she had historically worked with.  The Lady greeted the Link worker from the reception of the restaurant she was having dinner at.  The fact that this person had taken on employment and was obviously taking pride in her appearance again was a huge encouragement to the Link worker as life was very complicated and troubled when Y4F became involved with this family. Five children, one son with   major anger issues, bad health, housing issues and Debts. Employment had seemed a million miles away.  

During this brief, unexpected encounter, there was a glimpse that hope and transformation were at work.

For all this, we say thank you.


We were delighted to be nominated and then win one of 2015’s 8 Centre for Social Justice Awards.

The Centre for Social Justice is an independent think-tank, established to put social Justice at the heart of British politics.  They believe that the surest way to reverse social breakdown—and the poverty it creates -is to build resilience within individuals, families and the organisations that work with them.  The CSJ awards are to celebrate some of these innovative organisations.

Liz Earle from the charity ‘Live Twice’, our sponsoring organisation, presented the award.  It was such a fantastic experience for us to go to London as a team and celebrate together.

We were also really pleased to be awarded Runner-up in the Inspiring Project category from Evangelical Alliances ‘Inspire Awards 2015’.  Rachel and Adam Dyer travelled to London to accept the award.

All these things are a testimony to God’s unending goodness and faithfulness and so we look forward to 2016 with expectancy and with faith that we will see Him do great things amongst us!

Ministry Update – The Lord’s Larder

Through December alone we were able to help 303 adults and 217 children with emergency parcels, along side giving our Christmas Parcels to help make Christmas a little bit better for another 777 people in our local community. This gave us a total of 1297 local people helped with food in December 2015, thank you for help making this possible, we know from feedback from agencies that everyone who receives a food parcel from the Lord’s Larder is truly grateful for this service.

My thanks to everyone who supports the Lord’s Larder, without you we would not be able to help so many people; and may I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year.

Yeovil4Work Ministry Update – Pat Gillett



Hi Everyone,

“MERRY CHRISTMAS… whoops too early ? No not really. Lets think…. how are we going to get the kids presents this year – the credit card is already full?

OK I’ll get ANOTHER job …that’s to go with the one I’ve already got..  gosh you’ve already GOT a job ? Lucky you !!”

Mark came to the Job Club one day with personal circumstances that had the potential to blow his life apart…

Sharing his circumstances was the start of getting him to believe in the power of HOPE…

Mark applied for a cleaning job, he was promised a lot of hours to see him through coming off benefits .. great you say… NOT SO…He found that it wasn’t just him who turned up to do the cleaning, he had to share the hours with two other blokes, sometimes three… which meant sharing the money too!

So Mark went to the boss and said… “Hey you’ve seen my work, it’s good, I’m motivated, fast and thorough…if I can’t earn enough then I shall have to go somewhere else, please give me the work I need to earn enough for my family”…THIS STORY HAD A HAPPY ENDING! The boss gave him the whole job!



YEOVIL4WORK  FRIDAYS 9.30 – 12.30.



Lord’s Larder Ministry Update – Mat Callaghan



Thank you all so much! Again this year we have had a wonderful response from churches, schools and individuals to our Harvest Appeal this year, despite the state of the economy.  Thanks to everyone for supporting The Lord’s Larder at Harvest time!

As you know, it has been our custom to provide special Christmas parcels to encourage people, individuals, or families, who are experiencing the effects of poverty. These parcels do make a difference in the community, showing those who receive a Lord’s Larder Christmas Parcel that there are people who do care.

We are now enclosing our Christmas list to ask if you would be willing to help us make Christmas special for the many people who will receive a Lord’s Larder Christmas Parcel this year.

Last year we gave out with your help, 300 Christmas Parcels containing a total of 5339 items going out to help 366 adults and 316 children.

Lord’s Larder Foodbank

Christmas shopping list


Christmas puddings

Slabs of Christmas cake

Mince pies (in date for Christmas)


Chocolate Biscuits Fingers

Coffee    Drinking Chocolate

Tins of Fruit /Cream

Large Tins of Ham /Tins Salmon

Tins of Stewed Steak

Trifle mixes /Meringue nests

Peanuts / Nuts

Cheese Biscuits

Cake / Cake Slices (in date)

Jam    Honey

Fruit Juices



  Christmas Party Crackers

All donations of Christmas food gifts need to be well in date, and be delivered to the Lord’s Larder at the GateWay by the end of November to ensure we can put it in this years Christmas parcels.


Mat Callaghan