And so it’s the morning after the night before. The referendum is over, the votes have been counted and the result is in. But today is not a day for gloating or shouting. It is not a day for told-you-so’s or if-only’s. it is not a day for blame or recriminations or boasting or mocking. Today is a day for healing. Today is a day when we begin the work of forgiveness. When we choose grace over hurt. A day when we choose love over hate. Because we have a long journey in front of us, and it’s a day when each one of us should choose to commit to that journey. Whether we voted for it or not. Whether it feels like a great result or a terrible result. Because we are part of this country. We are part of this community and so we need to pour ourselves into making it the best it can be. We don’t get to blame others for the decision or opt out of our response. We need to work hard to get the best out of the decision we have made, because we all made it. We all contributed. We all created the environment and the atmosphere that produced the result, either positive or negative. And we still have a choice to make. Every day starting with today. A choice to contribute or take. A choice to hope or fear. A choice to love or hate. A choice to expand or shrink. A choice to include or exclude. A choice to resent or forgive. A choice to move forward in hope or look back in anger.

Lets be people of hope. People of love and courage. And lets give space, whether we won or lost, for forgiveness and healing. Find ways to bless those who disagree with us, and lets face the future together, without anger or recrimination but with patience and kindness, and love and generosity, because these are things that have been in short supply during this campaign, and we are poorer for it.