24/7 Prayer

This year God has been really challenging a number of us in the church on prayer and the need for us to push more into prayer as a church. I have been challenged personally by recently bring involved in the prayer course developed by 24/7 prayer and alpha. This is an amazing resource that we are looking at in our small group looking at why and how we pray. Check it out here for more information.

As a result of this challenge we have made a commitment as a church to teach on prayer in the new year and follow up with a week of 24/7 prayer. The intention of this week is to push individually and corporately into what God has for us. We do not have plans as of yet for where this will lead but believe that we need to be praying more.

So in February 2015 We are going to start at 10 am on Sunday 8th at The GateWay with Church together and fill all hours for the next 7 days with people praying. Finishing at 10am on the 15th and then celebrating with church together.  In the lead up to this week we have decided that we are going to run monthly 12 hour over night slots of prayer to prepare ourselves and to start this journey of intimacy with God.The first one of these 12 hours of prayer is starting on Thursday 16th October at 7pm and running through to 7am on the 17th October. This will be based down at The GateWay and welcome to anyone who would like to come and be involved. If you are interested in signing up to one or more of the 1 hour slots please sign up on our online form here.

I am really excited about the possibilities of going deeper as a church, pressing into what God has for us and seeing transformation in the prayer life of the church. Join us in pushing deeper into prayer this year, I dare you!