Yeovil4Work – Update

Hi from the Yeovil4Work Job Club Team ; Barry, Barrie and Pat! Welcome!

National Apprenticeship Week runs from March 9th to 14th.

This is a Government backed initiative to raise awareness of apprenticeships and celebrates the positive impact they have – actively encouraging companies to take on more young people.

We are provided each week with a new list of apprenticeships covering all areas of employment.

Come and browse !

Premier Inn and Beefeater Grill have brought a host of new jobs to Yeovil and you have to be quick to join the action.

A few vacancies still remain.

A list of other jobs in the Hospitality sector will give you further options for full or part-time work.

Yarlington are currently running a Basic Computer Course at The GateWay for any of their residents who need help in finding jobs. The course covers setting up a Universal Jobmatch Account, C.V. Writing, and Cloud Storage.

Don’t forget that as a resident you may also be entitled to the loan of a tablet or laptop, giving you 24 hour access to jobsearching!!!

Congratulations to one of our ex-jobseekers who found the job of his dreams as a herdsman by trudging around the local farms!

Also to Rachel who worked through the Christmas period helping people use the pay-machines in the hospital car park.

She made many friends who took pity on her with hot drinks and snacks to ward off the cold!

Rachel has now swopped this for studying for her Accountancy qualifications.

If you are an employer and have a job vacancy please get in touch – we may have just the right person for you.

Meanwhile you will find us on Friday mornings at The GateWay between 9.30 – 12.30

Tea and coffee are still free with biscuits too! (don’t tell Shaun in the Coffee Shop downstairs)

Hope to see you soon –  ALL WELCOME

Lord’s Larder – Update

What did the Lord’s Larder do Last Year 2014

The Lord’s Larder Community Food Bank with support from the community over last year, with all your help, the Lord’s Larder was able to help 4175 local people in need of emergency food support, from Crewkerne to Somerton, Wincanton to Templecombe, and back to Yeovil. We packed over 60,000 items of food into emergency food parcels to help 2717 adults and, 1458 children. A total of 2931 parcels given out over the year, – that is 858 more parcels than the previous year. Thank you everyone who has given so generously to the Larder, without you we would not be able to help so many people.

The Lord’s Larder 2014 in numbers

Food donated – 65,074

Food out in parcels – 60,779

Adults receiving a parcel – 2717

Children receiving a parcel – 1458

Total number of families helped – 898

Total number of parcels given out – 2931

Lord’s Larder Appeal

Many thanks to everyone who responded to the last  appeal for food items, it was amazing to see those food items coming into the Larder.

If you would like to know what we are currently running short of in the Lord’s Larder, we are currently running short of things like: –

  • tins of hot dogs
  • tins of peas
  • packets of soup
  • cous cous
  • packets of sugar
  • tinned curry
  • UHT milk

Many, many thanks for all your continued support.


Q&A with Keith Glover – Operations & Development Manager at the GateWay

A Q&A with Keith, who recently replaced Steve Hart as Operations & Development Manager at the GateWay.

1.  Firstly, tell us your name and where you come from.

“Rev Keith Glover from Southend on Sea”

2.   Tell us about your family?

“Married to Amy who has 3 boys William 14, Louis 9, James 7… I have 3 grown up children, Dean, Robyn and Faith. Dean lives with us, Robyn at Uni in Wales and Faith at College in Wales.”

3.    How do you start your day?

“Up early quick Coffee and quick prayer before leaving for YCC at 7.15”.

4.    When you saw the job ad for Operations Manager at The Gateway, what was your first thought?

“I thought not likely – but several people spoke to me saying they had my name come to mind when they heard, 2 people didn’t even know who I was but had my name pop in their heads!!”.

5.  How did the interview go for you?    

“The interview was ok, but my temporary filling fell out half way through the interview so I was a bit distracted – but earlier in the week I had said to the dentist can stress (over the decision whether to go for the job or not) cause problems with your teeth, he looked me in the eye and said “just say yes, it will be fine!””.

6.  If you could be a breakfast cereal, what would you be and why?  

“Probably porridge, bit thick, bit bland, but does the job”.

7.  Pepsi or Coke?  


8.  Countryside or Seaside?  


9.  What are your hobbies?   

“I love road cycling (I have 5 bikes).  Anything to do with aircraft, Theology, History..”

10.  Where do you live?


11.  What is your best attribute? 

“Mmmm tough one, possibly reliability if I say I will do something, it will be done”.

12. What five words would your friends use to describe you?

“Pastoral, kind, good sense of humour, good listener but a little bit mad around the edges. (Not my words I literally asked a friend)”.

13.  Can you share your favourite verse/quote and why it means something to you?

“Philippians 4:4-7   Twice God has sent someone to me with this verse to confirm his will and let me know which direction to take in my life. It also came to me when Dean was rushed into hospital as a little boy the doctors feared he had meningitis and he had been really ill all night, in the morning I was praying and this verse came to me clear as day. I had a sudden sense of peace and a joy come over me and I just knew it would be ok. That afternoon Dean made a miraculous recovery”.

14.  Funniest thing that’s happened to you recently?

“A few days ago we were lent a car by a family friend, we had gone out in it and when we came back the key wouldn’t unlock the car.  The guy had said the central locking was a bit dodgy so we went round trying the key in all the doors and the boot and we shook the car and pulled on the handles. I stood back and thought what do we do now, as I did I noticed our car was 2 cars further down the road. It was identical colour age and everything!!! If the owner had looked out his window he would have thought we were stealing his car, we drove off very quickly feeling very silly”.

15. What’s your favourite food?


16. A film that moved you?

“Schindlers list”.

17. What you love about working at the GateWay?

“I love the heartbeat of YCC. Each day I see the gospel lived out through the various ministries within YCC.  It can be really busy but it’s always worth it”.

18.  What has God been doing in your life recently?

“God has been speaking to me about how I define myself and who I am in him”.

19.  What is your favourite book?

“Currently reading through the Shardlake Series”.

20.  What 3 words describe your perfect day?

“Bike, Bacon, Beer”.

Pop in and say hi to Keith if you are in the building or get in touch for enquiries over building hire and more.


The King’s Place Social Fund – Update

Here are some more examples of how the KPSF has helped individuals and families in our community:

£200 funding to purchase a cooker, to replace families cooker which cannot be fixed.

£496 funding to buy a double bed, a sgl bed, and fridge freezer for sgl dad 2 children moving out of temporary accommodation.

£120 funding to buy from Furnicare, sgl mattress, 2 x chest of drawers, 1 x w/robe for a family, mum and dad and 4 children forced to move following severe harassment in North Somerset. Family have no way of purchasing these items for themselves.

£180 funding to buy a bunk bed for a family wishing to have their son return to their care, but have nowhere for him to sleep, he currently sleeps on the sofa.

£250 funding to buy a washing machine, her partner left her with some considerable debt, she is repaying this, but suffers from depression. Without a washing machine she relies on her neighbours to do the washing, or needs to catch a bus to the launderette, at some expense.

The King’s Place impacts real families.  A bed really can turn things around.  A washing machine can mean access to friendships, to work and to school.  The King’s Place enables people to make their lives better in a positive & sometimes life changing way.

Thank you for your support


Create Team – Update

This has been an interesting term with the create team, I have been off for weeks with pneumonia and left the team all to themselves. This has been both frustrating and great at the same time, frustrating because I have been sat around at home but great because the team have really stepped up and have been working really hard getting schools work going and developing youth groups and other projects.

Over this term the team have been in schools running CU’s, rock academy, assemblies and been out on detached work, we have also been running Friday Night youth groups, mentoring, worship academy and more. We are excited to be holding a fundraiser next week presenting an evening of Christmas entertainment from the Create team on the 11th December.

Unfortunately Sam who joined the team with everyone else in September decided a couple of weeks ago that he wanted to move back to Plymouth and be with his family back at home, we are sad to see him go and wish him all the best in what he does next. In light of that we are pleased to announce that Jade Woods is joining the team taking his place, Jade has been a part of the YCC youth for the last few years and this is an exciting move for her.

Please continue to be praying for the team and the work we are doing in the coming weeks and months, we hope to see you at ‘Christmas with Create’ on the 11th December.


Check out this video showing some of what we have been up to over the last term here:

King’s Place Social Fund – Update

The King’s Place are a Charity Shop that aims to provide clean, good quality clothes, shoes, bedding, curtains, crockery, knick-knacks, books, DVD’s and anything that makes a home.  The King’s Place does this and so much more.

Based on Coronation Avenue in Yeovil, the King’s Place is somewhere people can feel welcomed, included & part of the community.  Please check out the link to the King’s Place page which details the heart of the charity.

To get a feel of how the fund (Yeovil Christian Support Trust) help those who need it in the community, here are some soundbites from 2014.

£250 funded a bunk bed – family, a single dad raising 4 boys, – in financial  trouble, their bunk bed is broken and one of the boys is sleeping on the floor.

£250 funding for a bunk bed, 2x drawers, w/robe – family who’s mum has been drug free for over 1.5 years and having her 2 children back to live.

£300 funding for washing machine for a family, single dad with 2 young children, with no way of paying for a washing machine.

£210 funding for a cooker, for a family whose home was repossessed moving into supported housing, mum and dad and 4 children without cooking facilities.

£200 funding to replace a 10 year old faulty washing machine, mum and dad have mental health issues prevent them accessing work, new machine will make a huge difference to 3 children, who’s school uniform looks grubby, and everything that goes through the old washing machine smells.

The King’s Place impacts real families.  A bunk bed really can turn things around.  A washing machine can mean access to friendships, to work and to school.  The King’s Place enables people to make their lives better in a positive & sometimes life changing way.

Thanks for your support.


Yeovil4Family – Evolution of Y4F

In September 2008, I became employed by Yeovil Community Church as the Children’s and Families Leader.  As part of this role I had an oversight of all the work done by our church relating to children aged 0-11 years, including children’s groups and parent and toddler groups run for our local community, with some great volunteers leading and investing in the people coming to the groups.

Some of the families that we came into contact with through these groups were in crisis – whether as a result of divorce, domestic abuse, drug and alcohol misuse that was affecting their parenting and families, whose children were the subject of Child Protection Plans.  They were at risk of having their children removed.

Families came to talk to me because they felt they had nowhere else to go.  They needed someone to listen to them, to value them, encourage them and help them to work out a plan for their lives.  So I began to support some families more intensely – almost 8 altogether.

I realised that although I was using skills I had gained as a Family Law Solicitor and knowledge I had from doing my EYPS; what I was doing was not rocket science, so there had to be a way of duplicating this support as a model.  In fact, I was asked by a Social Worker engaged with a family I was supporting, if I had more people available to support other families that she was working with.

So, the idea was born to train and equip volunteers to support and mentor Parents and Carers – walking the journey with them by ‘Helping Families to Help Themselves’.

We expected to find an ‘off the shelf’ model that we could use.  However, the closest model we found was the ‘Home Start’ model, which was expensive to set up as a franchise model.  It also restricted the work you could do, as families had to have a child aged 0-5 years in the family.  This did not work for us, as some of our families had just junior aged children or teenagers.

We formed a working group and spent many months researching the idea, the model, what we would train our volunteers on, how the system would work etc.  As our plan developed we shared our thoughts with the Manager of our local Children’s Social Care office, as we knew it was important to complement statutory support and not go off ‘on a frolic of our own’.

We then invited other people form local churches who had a heart and passion for families, and shared our vision with them.

In May 2011, we embarked on our first training course of 12 candidate Family Mentors from 5 different local churches – Yeovil4Family was born.

In September 2011, Children’s Social Care in our area formed an Early Intervention Team.  Because of our consultation with CSC, as we developed the programme, the EIT’s Targeted Family Support Workers immediately began working collaboratively with us.

In February 2012, Yeovil4family were invited to speak at the Local Strategic Partnership’s High Contact Families’ Steering Group.  They were exploring ‘Best Practice’ in supporting families and they were interested in our model of work.

Following our attendance, we were invited to join the Steering Group. This group then absorbed the DCLG’s ‘Troubled Families Agenda’ at a local level.

The LSP invited Tenders to deliver a Family Support Programme on their behalf to respond positively to the ‘Troubled Families Agenda’.

We bid in June 2012, and were subsequently awarded the contract to deliver the programme in Yeovil.  In 2013 we were asked to extend our programme across South Somerset by the ‘Local Strategic Partnership’ (Council and other local organisations).

Our role is to deliver the ‘Family Focus’ support programme by providing Family Mentors to work alongside isolated families in South Somerset.  This work sees Yeovil4Family play a key part in the local council’s response to the national government initiative to positively impact families with complex needs in Britain (Troubled Families).

Our volunteer Family Mentors provide one-to-one listening support in the home with families where there are children aged 0-18 years, for one hour a week.  We are here to ‘help families to help themselves’.  To do this, Mentors are trained to work with the family by listening to them in a non-judgemental way and helping them gain the support they need to make changes, find solutions to their challenges and bring new hope into their lives.

Our Mentors are supported by a team of Family Link Workers who act as the key link between all the agencies involved, the Mentor, and most importantly the family themselves.  It is our hope we can help be the families’ voice amongst the agencies so they can regain control over their lives and feel empowered and equipped to move forward without these agency interventions.

Yeovil4Family work with all types of families where there are children and young people, cared for by one or two adults regardless of faith, gender, race, disability, marital status, social class, age or sexual preference.  All families come in different shapes and sizes, with different experiences, achievements and struggles.

To date, in delivering Family Focus we have worked with 115 Families and seen 43 ‘turned around’ as part of the Department for Community and Local Government’s Troubled Families Agenda.

In the time we have been working with families as part of the Family Focus Programme we have been able to help families with areas such as housing issues, parents being out of work, encouraging children to improve their school attendance, and helping young people who have been socially isolated to engage in social activity and make a positive contribution to their community.

We have had some really encouraging feedback from families who have been part of the programme: one family said, “Our Mentors are really good at understanding our situation. They have grown up children of their own and are able to relate some of their experiences to those that we have been going through.”

Another family stressed that the programme was helpful saying, “It aided me in looking at things in a different way and gave me the strength to be able to change things that needed changing.”

As our Family Mentors and Link Workers walk the journey with various families they are finding that they have a key role in helping to show families there is a chance that things can be different, not just for now but also for generations to come.  One Mentor recently said that, “To be able to support a family that was very fragmented but who now see themselves as a ‘family’ has been an amazing privilege.”

Rachel Dyer

The Lord’s Larder Harvest Thanks

Many thanks for the amazing response from the churches and schools this year at Harvest time, who have once again have been so generous in donating tins and other food items to The Lord’s Larder, it has been a real blessing, and on behalf of the Lord’s Larder I would like to send out a big thank you to everyone in the churches and schools for supporting us this year.

Therefore we are not short of many items at the moment, which is nice to report, the only items required are the following,

  • Tins of Mince and Onion
  • UHT Milk
  • Jars of Pasta Sauce
  • Jars of Baby Food

Lord’s Larder Christmas Appeal

However as you know it is our custom, alongside making up standard emergency parcels; that through December, we send out Special Lord’s Larder Christmas Parcels via our agencies and supporting churches to individuals and families, – who will find this Christmas particularly difficult due to the effects of poverty. A food parcel containing some Christmas Food Items like Christmas Pudding, Mince Pies and Tins of Ham, and Christmas Crackers etc. can make a world of difference at Christmas Time.

Shopping list:

  • Christmas puddings
  • Slabs of Christmas cake
  • Mince pies (in date for Christmas)
  • Custard
  • Chocolate Biscuits Fingers
  • Coffee
  • Drinking Chocolate
  • Tins of Fruit /Cream
  • Large Tins of Ham
  • Tins Salmon
  • Tins of Stewed Steak
  • Trifle mixes /Meringue nests
  • Peanuts / Nuts
  • Cheese Biscuits
  • Cake & Cake Slices (in date)
  • Fruit Juices
  • Sweets
  • Chocolate
  • Party Crackers

Many thanks for all you do to support the work of The Lord’s Larder.


Hope for Kids – Bring Hope, Give Life

In January 2015, Hope for Kids International will be four years old. We’re small – but with big dreams!

It is good to be able to testify to God’s goodness and faithfulness, particularly over these first few years with the challenge of a massive learning curve for the charity’s staff and trustees.

When we stop and consider what God has done and look at the impact that we and our Kids Alive International partners are having, it’s a genuine privilege to be part of bringing positive change in some of the most difficult countries in the world – and a privilege in being available to people here to enable them to reach out to a hurting world from hearts of compassion.

We are the sole UK partner for Kids Alive International (they reach their centenary in 2016!) and our mission is to equip and empower people: – yes, the children-at-risk that we rescue and the families and communities that we serve in places like South Sudan, Zambia, Haiti and Guatemala (to name just four of the ten countries we work in); but also equipping and empowering people here in the UK to partner responsibly with God to bring more of the values of the Kingdom to a hurting world – values like justice, mercy, compassion and love.

As well as the residential children’s homes, schools and care centres – all in themselves life-changing programmes – we also work with affiliated ministries for specific projects. One example is in the Middle East, where Kids Alive Lebanon works with an organisation called Heart for Lebanon to support Syrian refugees and other marginalised people.

The range of different types of support is part of what sets us and Kids Alive International apart from many other international child-focused charities. Most of these others concentrate their effort on one aspect. Compassion and World Vision, for example, devote most of their effort to operating care centres where poverty-stricken children, who are still able to live with their family, come most days to receive education, food, medical and spiritual nurture.

We have a range of wonderful supporters – child sponsors, site sponsors, general donors, prayer supporters – all of whom are highly valued as partners in the work, who want – as we do – to see change and who are prepared to invest money and/or time in seeing disadvantaged children given hope and an opportunity for a better life. The coffee shop recently contributed to this blog – and it’s been wonderful to have the support of Sean and his team on the occasional charity day that Hope for Kids has benefited from.

We were hoping to plan a trip to Zambia in the latter part of 2014, or early 2015, but the Ebola crisis has put those plans on hold for now. However, both Romania and Lebanon are, at present, possible countries to send teams to from Yeovil, so if you are interested in being part of a one week team, please get in touch with us for more information.

Please have a Happy Christmas – and if you can help us to make it a happy one for one more child, Hope for Kids International would love to hear from you. Also, if you are part of a group that wants to have a presentation about our work, please contact us and Roger will be very happy to oblige. Thank you.

The GateWay Coffee Shop – For Everyone

I’ve been Manager of the coffee shop for the last four and a half years & we’ve been truly blessed as a team, especially in the relationships we’ve built up with our volunteers, workers & customers.  We work to provide a safe, warm & welcoming environment for workers & customers.  We’ve even got a Church leader who helps out regularly on a Thursday which is massive help.  We couldn’t do it without our volunteers!

A bit of what we do….

CHARITY DAYS….as well as serving coffee & a mean panini The Gateway Coffee Shop also runs charity days every month, but in 2015 it will be every two months… it’s a way for a charity to publicise themselves & raise money.  The charity gets all of the money raised during a charity day & YCC don’t get a penny of it.  On average we’ve raised £30,000 for local charities over the last four and a half years which has made a massive impact in the community.

GATHER… lots of groups like to use the coffee shop to meet up with their friends, or part of their learning development such as Lufton College & Fiveways School.  We’ve received a Community Award from Lufton College for the last two years for our service to them. Walking groups, crafting groups & a cancer support group meet here too as well as others.

VOLUNTEERING… We cannot run our coffee shop without the work of our volunteers.  We allow volunteers to join our team enabling them to build up skills which enables them to get into paid employment & we have links with the Job Centre & other employment agencies.  We have a team of people with learning disabilities, they learn to integrate & form relationships & build confidence.  They add to the heart of the coffee shop & are totally amazing along with our paid workers.

FOOD & COFFEE… We are open from 9am-4.30pm Monday to Friday, hot food is served from 11.30am-2.30pm, we have a specials board & are also available to book for business meetings, buffets etc.  Pop in & say Hi, we serve Kingdom coffee, fair trade wherever possible & are part of the breast feeding directory.

Facilities include a Disabled Toilet & Baby Changing, Highchairs, toys & books for children.

Come along & meet the team, we’ll make you feel welcome.


Lord’s Larder

In 2013, the Lord’s Larder in Yeovil helped 3,979 people with 2,073 emergency food parcels (over 59,000 items of food) given out (553 more than the previous year).  The Larder covers an area from Crewkerne to Somerton to Wincanton to Templecombe and back to Yeovil.

The Larder in numbers for 2013:

Items donated – 61,308

Items in parcels – 59,746

Adults receiving a parcel – 2,570

Children receiving a parcel – 1,409

Number of families helped – 757

Number of parcels given out – 2,073

Many thanks to those responding to January 2014’s appeal for food items.  The Larder was able to help 237 adults and 70 children – 202 emergency food parcels.

The Larder is currently short of the following: tins of mince & onion, jars of pasta sauce, sugar, packets of savoury biscuits, UHT milk.

Letter of Thanks to the Larder

The following letter came from an agency following a request for an emergency food parcel to help a single male.  We at the Larder would like to extend our thanks to all our supporters because without your generosity, we could not those like this single male.

Dear Lord’s Larder,

I would like to express my appreciation for your prompt and absolutely amazing help you offered following my request during the Christmas period.  I was able to collect a very generous food parcel on behalf of my client; if only you could see his face when I delivered the bags of food to him; he had tears in his eyes, so did I.  You are beautiful people involved in a very special project, we are very grateful for the support you provide for the most vulnerable people in our local community. Thank you.