Illuminate is a youth group for young people aged 11-14 (school years 7-9) which happens every Friday night during term time from 8-9.30pm.  At Illuminate there is time to hang out with friends and get tuck from our tuck shop, followed by a time of team games and competition, and a short time where we explore Christianity through talks, stories, videos and more, and then there is time to hang out with friends, and young people can choose to take part in all sorts of activities including sport, craft, creative and much more, or play any on any of our resources-air hockey, pool, table tennis, wii etc! Illuminate costs £1 each week. For this group parents are required to sign their children in and out each week.

We have a code of behaviour and agreement that young people sign to say they will follow the rules of the group, to find out more about our discipline, anti-bullying and other policies please contact us.