7 Life giving habits

As Christians we are invited into a new way of living. A way of discipleship. A way of freedom and transformation.

We are invited to not only believe in a God of hope and justice and wholeness, but to live lives of hope, justice and wholeness.

And so we wanted to look at the habits, cultures and currencies of the Kingdom. We wanted to explore how to be wholehearted, Christ centred people. Wholeheartedness that comes through actions, habits and behaviours. Habits that change us. Habits that align us with the God we are in relationship with. Habits that bring us life.

We want to look at a different habit each month. We want the ideas and stories to inspire you and work into your lives and conversations throughout the month, discussing them in your small groups, round the breakfast table and in your everyday. We will make suggestions each month on how you can practice them and explore them together, we will share stories of how people are getting on with them and the changes they are making, and we want to hear your stories too.

And so we invite you to put some of these ideas into practice. We invite you to build these habits into your lives. We invite you to practice them in your daily life, in your work life, your family life and in your relationships. We invite you to discuss them with your friends, in your families and in your small groups, and commit together to be wholehearted people.

This month we are looking at celebration. The rhythm of parties, celebrations and festivals is set in scripture to teach us to live now, in the present. To teach us gratitude, to teach us to remember our story, to remember that we are part of something bigger, that God is with us and for us. It teaches us. To be community, to celebrate each other, to leave our baggage at the door and celebrate, laugh, dance, eat, drink, and share life together. Because life is for living. and so God invites us to party.

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Alongside our video we have handouts to work through at home, individually, with your families or in small groups together. To download a pdf click here.

CelebrationHandout1 CelebrationHandout2