Small Groups

Have you ever felt lonely in a crowd?

It’s possible to feel unknown and isolated in a large church, to come and go to meetings faithfully and yet never get to know anyone else well. Yet the Bible talks about followers of Jesus being built together into a new community where we love and care for each other tangibly.  One of our core values as a church is being relational and this is obviously difficult to fully realise in a large gathering. Therefore, we strongly encourage everyone who belongs in the YCC family to have a place where they can express that belonging, which is why our small groups are so important.

Small groups are the place where everyone can be cared for as we care for others, and together grow in faith, encourage each other to live the way God intends and reach out to make a difference in our families, our workplace and wherever else we touch the lives of others. Our groups are as diverse as the people in them – some are geographical, some are age specific, some have a particular focus (e.g.  praying for their neighbourhood), some have been around for a long time and others are just getting started. None of them are perfect! But our aim is for everyone to find a place to belong so that no-one is disconnected and everyone is included in the life of God’s family.

If you are interested in joining a small group please contact