We believe that we are part of a bigger story that crosses the generations of history. We believe that Jesus spans this entire story and that the cross is the central point, the point of love, salvation and hope. We believe that the same God whose story is told throughout the Bible continues to tell that story today in us and through us. And we believe that we are called to be the latest in the long line of people who are exploring what it means to live out the Kingdom of God in our world today.


Our Story

Yeovil Community Church traces its roots back to the early 1900s, when a small mission hall was established on Preston Road in Yeovil, as an offshoot from a Christian Brethren assembly. From early days the congregation was marked by it’s openness both to believers from different denominational traditions and, most importantly, to God Himself. Preston Chapel (as it became known) was marked by a vibrant ministry amongst children and young people.

In the 1960s growth in numbers led to the construction of a new building on the site, and monthly meetings for Christians of all denominations became a popular feature.

In the early 1980s the church released one member of the leadership team to serve full time – an unusual step for a church from this background. A period of sustained growth followed as the church embraced renewal and sought to keep in step with all that God was revealing.

Outgrowing its own building, for many years the church held most of it’s meetings in local school halls before finally being able to acquire what is now known as the GateWay, a resource for the kingdom and for the local community.

We value our past, and honour those whose passion for God helped us to this point, as we press forward into God’s future for us.